Out on 26 August 2018

Out on 26 August 2018

Café Life in the Antipodes published on 26 August 2018 is now available.

In 1980 Adelaide was in the grip of serial killers targeting young people in the counterculture. Roxanne arrived to study arts. She moved into an art student house by the beach where artists were pushing the limits of art, love and life. She met Raymond. Then mysteriously housemates started disappearing. A fictional memoir set against a backdrop of real events, unsolved disappearances and the “Family murders” as they were dubbed in the media, after a detective in a radio interview referred to the group of suspects as “one big happy family”. Published August 2018

ISBN: 9780648299868 (paperback) 240 pages RRP $29.99 AUD

ISBN 9780648299844 (hardback) 240 pages RRP: $ 34.95 AUD

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