A Brief Guide to Middle Class Homelessness- a memoir by Ken Wolman

When I met Bronx-born poet Ken Wolman, on an Australian poet's page on Facebook, we chatted about working as Adjunct Instructors or 'casual academics' as non tenured academics are called in Australian parlance.  He mentioned that he had ended up homeless on the street at the age of 70, as a result of lack of financial security, a plight that many casual academics face, as do many artists and writers, and workers in the new 'casual' precarious economy.  I asked if he could write about this experience in an essay or memoir. He wrote a brilliant, psychologically and socially incisive literary memoir which is in the forthcoming Escape Artists anthology. I have also published it as a pamphlet, in paperback (available soon) and in an ebook pdf which can be bought direct from PostMistress Press on the website. I have written a preface and edited, designed and typeset the book, and also made the cover.

Ken Wolman is being paid royalties, so each sale will be of benefit to the author.

A Brief Guide to Middle-Class Homelessness by Ken Wolman

A literary memoir by Ken Wolman, New York City-born poet, who found himself homeless on the streets aged 70, despite his PhD, publications, and years as a technical writer; and Adjunct Instructor (or 'casual academic' in Australian parlance). Wolman reflects on his time in shelters, to make meaning from this hell and to warn readers of how it happened.