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It was a time tinged with trauma, and I am wondering what readers will think about the fictional story set against a backdrop of true events and horrific serial killings of young people in Adelaide, and Australia more widely, in the early 1980s, in Café Life in the Antipodes. I lived through this, and there was a deep sadness and tragedy attached to this time and story, which I do not go into in the book, but which is mentioned at the end. The horrific murder of a friend from the alternative school I matriculated from in Canberra in the late 1970s, the School Without Walls.

On a happier note of historical reference, as well as writing and publishing my own books, and editing and publishing books by others, I am editor and publisher of Arts Features International: Escape Artists Anthology first published in August 2018, Issue 1 of Arts Features International. The second issue will be out in January 2019.