'The First Wrench', Culture and the Unconscious, London 2004

I was asked to give the opening presentation, of my multimedia poem, and paper of my work, at a major international conference in my field of research, Culture and the Unconscious 2, hosted by the Tavistock Clinic and University of East London, held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, close to where I took my BA Hons in Philosophy, in Bloomsbury, London WC1. I flew there from Sydney where I lived, with my technical assistant who had helped in the technical aspects of making the multimedia DVD of my poem and he added a soundtrack (not the one I had planned to make and I did not know he would add another which could not then be removed! Not only was it copyrighted but it was also by Stravinsky. I had planned a soundtrack of found sounds of frogs and cicadas in Sydney's Trumper Park, and he said he would do that, record the sound, then ran out of time... there was no time to do another before flying to the conference!! I learned a lot from this.  I have found that it is simpler and easy to control one's work if one does everything oneself which I now do- in all technical and design aspects of my creative works. As a woman in the arts and media that can be a challenge but has to be done). This was part of my PhD research, on fugue in intermedia arts, literature and music I had to leave out art and film(awarded in 2007). My multimedia poem received a very positive reception, with questions, and much interest, and positive comments.  I was not required to submit this for my PhD, as I had done too much! I could not submit the novel I had written either for the same reason and likewise was only permitted to submit the theory dissertation which I have over the past five years fully reworked, revised, and rewritten as my book The Writer's Fugue.

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