Missing (Australian Fugue)

This book was published in October 2015 as a kindle ebook, then in 2016 as a paperback and hardback. Although it starts with stream of consciousness, and is polyphonic, told in several character voices, it is a dark mystery genre novel, which I wrote as such, from the earlier book,  Australian Fugue: The Antipode Room, that was published in 2014 as an ebook pdf (for supporters of my crowdfunder) and as a paperback in 2015. The earlier book is longer and interweaves case studies of real life fuguers (people who have had dissociative fugue) from medical journals, which are in my PhD book, and excerpts on fugue writing from The Writer's Fugue. The original edition that I was going to publish at the end of 2013 disappeared mysteriously from my computer, and I tried to rewrite the files I had, but was not ever really happy with the result. Oddly enough, the original file, which includes my photo art works, has very recently reappeared in my computer files. I am going to publish this original edition of The Antipode Room soon.

Meanwhile, I rewrote the files I had, as two books, Missing and Sayonara Baby which will also be out and on sale soon. Both are written in the style of dark mystery crime novels.

Missing-front&spine (2017).jpg
Missing-Australian Fugue front cover.jpg