Ruth Skilbeck has lived and worked as a self employed writer, freelance journalist, arts media writing entrepreneur, consultant, and contract university lecturer in Dublin, London and Sydney respectively. She has a Ph.D. and M.A. in Writing from the University of Technology Sydney, and a first degree in Philosophy from the University of London. She is the author of The Writer’s Fugue a literary and cultural history of the fugue in literature of modernity, and of philosophical conceptions of the soul, self, subject. She has also published Australian Fugue novels.

Widely published freelance art writer and journalist from early 1980s in Dublin, worked in London and Sydney, published in many national newspapers, arts magazines and periodicals, and peer reviewed academic journals and books. Creative writer sole trader writing business names: Arts Features International (2003) and PostMistress Press (2013). At the forefront of new author publishing she has published her PhD based book The Writer's Fugue and Australian Fugue literary novels, which she has written, designed and published, experimentally, blurring the traditional lines between author, artist, designer, and publisher. Launched her first novel Australian Fugue: The Antipode Room at the ANU art gallery in 2015 where she was curator and artist in Intertwined. Since then she has published Missing in the Australian Fugue book project, with another novel coming soon.

From POL Oxygen, Issue 2, 2003

From POL Oxygen, Issue 2, 2003


Ruth Skilbeck, PhD

I was founding director of a media arts writing and cultural research business Arts Features International in Sydney. My feature stories and articles were published in international arts periodicals and magazines, and my research articles in peer reviewed journals and books.

Now I am writing fiction, novels, one of which includes my photo art works. I have published hundred of articles, in periodicals including peer-reviewed articles, in books, and in newspapers. Recently I have curated an exhibition which included my art work, and launched my first novel, as part of this research. I am founding editor and publisher of the 'Escape Artists' PostMistress Press project which will soon publish an anthology with works by 37 authors and artists from around the world.

My interviews with leading international artists such as Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley. Tracey Moffatt. Fiona Foley, and Guo Jian to mention but a few and my years as an art writer and freelance journalist in the art world have given me an insight into the art world and the advances made by women in contemporary art and literature that I draw on subliminally and overtly in my fiction, and in my approach to making and publishing books, as well as writing them.





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