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Professor James Elkins

"The study of the global novel is one of several parallels that might be  brought bear on the problem of global art history. Anthropology has long pondered its global uniformity, and so has musicology, and there are also studies of worldwide practices in sociology. There is also at least one study on the global spread of art journalism, Ruth Skilbeck’s “Art Journalism and the Impact of ‘Globalisation’: New Fugal Modalities of Storytelling in Austral-Asian Writing.”
Professor James Elkins, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in  The Impending Single History of Art: North Atlantic Art History and Its Alternatives, Chapter 3 'Are Art Criticism, Art Theory, Art Instruction, and the Novel Global Phenomena?" Also published  as an article in Journal of World Philosophies 3, Summer 2018.

Professor John Ngyuet Erni

“Cultural and political creativity, in the specific form of what Skilbeck
calls ‘fugal writing’ is not only a non-representational theoretical practice hailed via Kristeva, Bhabha and Bakhtin, but also a form of life-saving writing practice that restores the rights of survival and dignity. Skilbeck argues that dialogic, polyphonic communication between the exiled writers and their advocates provides a “modal” shift from reading about to one of active writing of. This modal shift produces, among other things, a shift from the term “exiled writers” used merely as a metaphor, to phenomenological-based analysis of actual cases of exiled writers. Phenomenological experience, according to Skilbeck, impacts upon the researcher and causes profound reflexive affects, motivating a deeper level of engagement.                              Professor  John Ngyuet Erni, Chair Professor in Humanities and Department Head, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University, Cultural Studies of Rights: Critical Articulations, Chapter 1, Routledge: London and New York, 2014, and in a special issue of: Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Vol 7, No 3, 2010