Australian Fugue: The Antipode Room

Australian Fugue: The Antipode Room, my first novel, was first published in paperback in January 2015. It had been published in 2014 as a limited edition ebook for crowdfunders. The first edition that I had written for publication and was about to publish in 2013 mysteriously disappeared from my computer files.  It has recently turned up again on my computer and I am going to publish it soon. It includes photo art, and is longer than the edition published in 2014 and 2015. It includes a chapter where Ray flies Ruby to Coober Pedy in a small plane from Sydney. Coober Pedy is an opal mining settlement, of underground dwellings, in the desert. 

RuthSkilbeckArtist&CuratorTalk Intertwined 9May15 short

Televised author and artist talk. Ruth Skilbeck talks about her series of photos Last Things, and launches her debut novel Australian Fugue: The Antipode Room.

Broadcast 2015.

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