Tuesday, 3 January 2017

'Escape Artists' PostMistress Press Anthology News

Publication of the inaugural PostMistress Press Anthology, Escape Artists, has been delayed and it will be out soon.
We are delighted to welcome to the first issue contributors Behrouz Boochani, exiled writer and journalist, who is reporting from Manus Island.
His latest writings will be in the forthcoming anthology.
We are also very concerned for his continued safety on Manus island, where he has been threatened with arrest for reporting on the attacks on refugees. We call on the Australian Prime Minister and the Papua New Guinea government to ensure his safety, and for him to be allowed to settle in a safe country immediately. Australia can no longer be seen as the bastion of free speech welcoming exiled writers that many thought it was, so it has become less and less attractive as a place to live, not only for refugee writers but for all who value free speech, and appreciate writers. With regret we wave farewell to those who could have brought so much to this culture, and whose presence will likely never now grace our shores. Instead we can read their works and communicate through writing.   

 PostMistress Press.

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