Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Saga of Amazon Inaccuracies in the Listing of Karen Kennedy's 'Deeply Felt', Continued

by Ruth Skilbeck, editor 

We have sent a message to Amazon pointing out the incorrect details of author and publisher that they have had up on their site for months. The follows on from the report in a post published on The Daily Fugue on Wednesday (13/7/16)), on how the forthcoming 'Escape Artists' PostMistress Anthology contributor Karen Kennedy, has had to endure the inaccuracies in the listing of her first book, Deeply Felt, Reflections on Religion & Violence within the Anarchist Turn- and its being attributed to another Karen Kennedy, a Canadian author by the same name. In addition, Karen's book is recorded on the Amazon sites as being published by Lulu, a self-publishing platform- when the actual publisher is Irene Publishing, in Sweden.

We sent the correct information to Amazon, in their 'Report an Issue' box:

This afternoon we were pleased to note that the wrong author attribution has now been corrected.
At least, the details of the author have been removed and that the real author, Karen Kennedy's bio is now up, under Editorial Reviews.

We are waiting to see when the inaccurate details about the mode of publication will be amended and Irene Publishing, rather than the self-publishing platform Lulu, listed as the publisher. Of course, it is possible that small publishers might use self publishing platforms to publish books, but they should be able to do this as a publisher, with a name. That is what authors would expect. We shall return to this mystery in later posts.

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