Friday, 3 June 2016

'Escape Artists' PostMistress Press Anthology- Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural PostMistress Press Anthology 'Escape Artists', edited by Ruth Skilbeck, will be published as an interactive pdf  and as a paperback, but only if we can raise the $7000 we need to publish.
Pre-order and make donations to the publishing project here, and have your name, or your organization name listed in the Acknowledgements.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

PostMistress Press Anthology Contributor Banned from Facebook and Posts for Anthology Blocked


By Ruth Skilbeck, Editor

One of the 'Escape Artists' contributors, Christen Clifford, lecturer at the New School in New York, feminist artist and mother of two, has been banned from Facebook for her posts on her fight against cancer, and her posts blocked, some of which, with her permission, we were going to publish in the ‘Escape Artists’ PostMistress Press Anthology. We had not yet obtained Christen’s posts and when we were about to, found that she had been banned and her posts are now inaccessible.
     Just as we are about to launch our crowdfunding project, Christen Clifford’s posts have been censored, due to her courageous and candid #fuckcancer diary with images, photos and her thoughts, and her brave performance art on her recent diagnosis of cancer, hysterectomy and removal of ovary and her chemo, which she is documenting for her friends, readers and followers.
     Melbourne-based artist Elizabeth Gertsakis who is writing her PhD and making digital art prints on Outrage, Obscenity and Madness (sex, vile gossip, art and illustration)  the tight pictorial censorship laws still in place today covering images and censorship in the state of Victoria” will now be in the anthology instead. Two of Elizabeth’s prints have just been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia. If Christen is allowed to return to facebook and her posts are released, with permission, we will publish them, in this issue if time allows or in the next one.
We can only publish the Escape Artists: PostMistress Press Anthology 1 with your help, we need $7000 to publish. Check out the site here with the details, of how you can pre-order and/or make a donation to receive some special rewards of signed, numbered limited first editions with supporters and sponsors names in the Acknowledgements page.

2 June, 2016