Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Australian Fugue: Missing-Out Now! Author Book Signing this Weekend


 Praise for Australian Fugue: MIssing
"Forget Houellebecq, I like Skilbeck. This is of course in relation to the French author. I had read all his books, and the new one Submission came to us about the same time as Ruth Skilbeck’s Australian Fugue: Missing. I was compelled to read Missing. It is female-centric for one. I did love many of Houellebecq’s books but when I started reading Skilbeck’s Missing and then his new one, I could not read hisKaren Kennedy, author of Deeply Felt: Reflections on Religion and Violence within the Anarchist Turn
Ruth Skilbeck will be making an author appearance and signing books at the Cow Lick Bookshop Stand at the Chillout Festival, in Daylesford, Victoria, this Sunday 13 March from 2.30-3.30 pm. Come along and say hello! 
Exploring themes of personal identity, gender, and repression In Australian Fugue: Missing Ruth Skilbeck delivers a fast-paced psychological thriller. Jailed for life for murder, the mysterious art dealer Countess Rivers struggles to recall her forgotten identity, to know her Self, why she went missing, and what happened. The story is told through four main voices including Sir Hugo, Ruby and Ray. Who was killed and who was the murderer?

Developing out of Ruth Skilbeck's crowd-funded publication project, Australian Fugue: Missing is in the Australian Fugue series. There is also available an introductory companion to the series Australian Fugue: The Antipode Room published in 2015, which includes medical case studies of real life ‘fugues’ from the author’s PhD research into fugue.  Australian Fugue: Missing is out now, and available for sale as a paperback, a hardback and an ebook for sale on Amazon.
Synopsis: Imagine if you forgot yourself, disappeared, and created a new self and life in a place where you are a stranger. How long would it be until the past caught up with you? The mysterious art dealer, Countess Rivers, is in jail for the traumatic murder she cannot remember. As she struggles to recall, readers are taken on her last art collecting trip that does not go according to plan. From the art world in London and Sydney to an artist in a rainforest, a lost object of desire returns with consequences.
Fugue techniques orchestrate the choir singing in this polyphonic queer psychological thriller, told through the conflicting sexual-emotional perspectives of the academic philosopher Sir Hugo who is researching sexuality, and Ruby. 
What is the significance of the violinist, and the music that haunts her?
Australian Fugue: Missing is out now, as a paperback, a hardback and an ebook on Amazon. The signed book can be ordered through good bookshops, or from PostMistress Press priced AUD $29.99 for the paperback, $21.99 for the ebook, and $50.00. for a signed first edition hardback with original art work on the cover which constitutes a physical art object as well as book.

Neal Drinnan, award winning author, was at the event and signed copies of his novel Rare Bird of Truth.
 Author Event and Books Signing

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