Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Vibrations from the Aliquot String

The Aliquot String

The aliquot string is a string on a instrument, such as a grand piano, that does not sound but vibrates, which sets up a resonance with the strings near it that do sound, and adds resonance, warmth and tone. In a grand piano, it is the fourth string in the treble section that is not struck by the hammer; yet it has been known of since at least classical antiquity, in theories and observations of natural harmony, in the sounds of nature, and how these feel to us.
   The tones added by the aliquot string in the harmony are rich overtones that add depth and warmth.
Some people doubt that the aliquot string adds resonance, but piano makers still include it, as they know it does.
   Just because a string is not audibly heard does not mean it does not have a voice, or that it has nothing to add. It is the silent string that is not heard by the ear that gives the resonance, and overtones to the music.

In my psychological novels I am exploring the silence of the unheard string, resonances of the vibrations that it sets up with the other strings that are heard, and feelings, the added overtones of the un-sounding strings, I have had to do this through a long time of seclusion, alone, with little noise to be able to hear, and find other ways of listening. 
   The aliquot string adds enrichment to the main voices, and the composition.
    As the string does not sound and is unheard directly, but felt, I have been feeling my way through this writing process.

Each new discovery, or vibration, has taken me a little further, but there have been many steps back, and set backs, and often a continual battle against the powerful effects of being a string that many are not aware of, or say should be removed, as it adds nothing, not being a sounding voice, and being felt rather than heard clearly. A battle to not lose my confidence that what this has to add is an enrichment, that is exists, and the source of the vibration, and the overtones that are felt and heard dynamically as enrichment, and temperature, needs to be known, and acknowledged.
   Therefore I must keep writing.
   And feel my way into the stories that I need to write.

RS 27.1.16