Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Car Infringement Charges – Proceedings Withdrawn

Car Infringement Charges – Proceedings Withdrawn

For all who might have been following the story of the car fines, and concerned to know the outcome, I am pleased to be able to say that the charges have been dismissed. I received a letter today notifying me of this.
I would like to thank the legal advisors I consulted here in Newcastle.

Ruth Skilbeck 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sydney Culture Break

On a culture-break, in Sydney, after many months of publishing work I have left the old post office in Newcastle, drawn out by two significant events. On Friday, my long-time good friend Vee Malnar received an Edna Ryan award for creative feminism, very well deserved for years of multi-talented work in creative arts- in painting, short plays, singing, comedy, film, and writing and on Saturday was the Antenna film festival Sydney sceening of THESE HEATHEN DREAMS, documentary on Christopher Barnett, emigre Australian poet, by Anne Tsoulis, which amongst many others yours truly helped support through crowdfunding, Arts Features International published conversations with both Christopher and Anne Tsoulis on making the film which documented this process.
It was good to see friends from life and facebook (which seem to have become increasingly merged)  Richard James AllenSuellen SymonsIan Milliss, and to meet Anne for the first time in person at the screening, after almost two years of facebook communications.
From the world of social media to productions and meetings in physical life, this has been an enriching and deeply thought provoking, and connective couple of days, it's good to be in Sydney again, and I haven't left yet.